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ValCam Ceniza joggers

ValCam Ceniza joggers


Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the ValCam Ceniza pattern is strategically designed to provide optimal camouflage during low-light conditions. The deep black coloration with subtle variations creates a dynamic and effective pattern that helps you remain undetected, giving you the advantage in nighttime pursuits.


Made from high-quality materials, these joggers offer both comfort and durability. They are crafted from a premium blend of fabrics, ensuring a soft and smooth feel against your skin while providing excellent breathability. The elastic waist offers a secure and adjustable fit, while the closed feet design adds to the streamlined and sleek appearance.


Equipped with side pockets, these joggers offer convenient storage for your essentials while keeping them easily accessible. Whether you're on a late-night hunting expedition or engaging in nocturnal outdoor activities, the ValCam Ceniza Joggers will be your reliable companion, providing comfort, functionality, and stealthy style.


Embrace the darkness and elevate your nighttime hunting experience with our ValCam Ceniza Joggers. Designed to keep you concealed and comfortable, these joggers are the perfect choice for those who seek adventure in the shadows. Step into the night with confidence, knowing you're equipped with the ultimate black camo joggers for your nighttime pursuits.

  • INFO

     •Fabric: 100% Cotton

    •Regular fit

    •Elastic waist, closed feet, side pockets

    •Fabric Weight: 310 g/m².

    •The fabric of this product is composed of 100% natural fibers, and the shrinkage is estimated to be 3%-5%.

    •Care Instructions: machine wash cold with similar colors, line drying, do not bleach and dry clean, iron at a maximum sole-plate temperature of 110°C. Steam ironing may cause irreversible damage.

    •Average production time: 12 days

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